Solar Zero

This was my first attempt at creating generative NFTs, primarily with SVG.js.

The idea was simple. After curating a few different colour palettes that I found to be aesthetically pleasing, I wanted to create something with multiple inputs, or properties. In this case there were five varying properties:

  1. Colour Palette: each palette is comprised of a background colour, 2-3 accent colours, and 1 standout colour for the moon.
  2. Location of Sun: could be in any of the four corners, but was surprised with some of the outputs that place it front and center at a much larger scale than intended.
  3. Asteroid Belt: based on randomized bezier curves and also tightness to the curve, these asteroids add a fun continuity to the picture.
  4. Lines: accenting lines that vary in numbers and angle relative to the Sun.
  5. Moon: there is exactly one Moon per piece, and it should stand out in both its composition and relative distance to the Asteroid belt.

Together, these properties have resulted in some pieces that I'm very happy with for my first generative art attempt. Feel free to try it out in the playground and let me know your thoughts!